Cashflow Management Software
Innovative Platform to Manage Receivables and Cash Flows.
CashPundit gives a 360-degree view of cash flows, improves collections, and helps avoid cash flow problems. It gives a realistic picture of future cash flows so that businesses can make informed and proactive decisions about the future of their businesses.
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CashPundit syncs with accounting softwares and helps businesses manage their receivables and payables effectively. CashPundit helps CFOs and business owners get a handle on their cash flows and sleep better at night.

Cash Flow Forecast

Forecasts realistic cash inflows and outflows based on the promised-to-pay and invoice due dates. Identifies potential shortfall in cash balances in advance so that you can take necessary action to avoid cash flow problems.

Reminders to Follow-up

Reminds users to follow-up with customers for payment on invoice due and promised-to-pay dates. These reminders are available both on the web and the smartphones. These reminders are dismissed only after a) follow-up is taken, or b) the concerned invoice is paid off.

Reports on Fingertips

provides major reports related to receivables, collections, and sales 24/7 both on the web and the smartphones. These reports are grouped by region, state/city, and salesperson and users have access to them based on their access rights.

Automated Emails

Sends automated email reminders to customers before and after the invoice due and promised-to-pay dates. At the end of the month, send mails to customers enclosing their statement of outstanding invoices.

Communication History

Maintains invoice wise history of communication with customers in a centralized place so that any person who has access to the customers’ account can review the history before following up with customers.

Post Dated Cheques

Has a special module that can take care of the challenges of PDC management. The PDCs received are included in the cash inflows and PDCs issued are included in the cash outflows on the cheque dates in the cash flow projections.

Restricted Access

Restricts access to invoices, customers, sales persons, and regions based on the access rights and the hierarchy assigned to the users. Moreover, access is restricted to users based on the IP address and the devise ID assigned to them.

AR Management

Gives a list of invoices which are overdue, almost due, and pending for follow-up. This information is available grouped by region, business unit, and salesperson, and helps users follow-up with customers for payment.

Mobile Notifications

Sends daily mobile notifications to users based on their role. For example, salespersons will get a daily notification about the number of customers and the value of invoices that they need to follow-up on that day.

Dispute Management

Helps you tag invoices which are under dispute so that the concerned persons can go through the issue and resolve the dispute. Users involved in the process can enter their remarks and update the status of the disputed invoice until the issue is closed.

Payables Management

Maintains project wise payables and helps you to pay your vendors on time. This helps get better payment terms and maintain good relationship with them. Helps you to properly plan your payables based on the projected inflows.

Syncs with ERPs

Syncs with major ERPs / accounting softwares and fetches the required data directly into CashPundit at scheduled intervals. There is no need to enter the data twice.
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