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IT is the cornerstone for any organization in the 21 st century. Business Causeway’s main domain is IT with its range of business solutions from Application, project consultancy, and IT Management.

IT Audit Services

In today’s information-driven business environment, organizations must continually evaluate their ability and readiness to adapt to dynamically and actively developing the market conditions.

We at Business Causeway MiddleEast understand that you are most likely caught up in the day-to-day running of your business. Our IT Audit team have a deep understanding of industry best practice. They also bring with them a multitude of recognized credentials, as well as a wealth of experience.

Our IT audit services is an opportunity to get an unbiased assessment and review and will produce a comprehensive IT audit report which includes :

  • Three phases Discovery, Analysis and Recommendation.
  • A list of actionable recommendations, ready for implementation.

IT Compilance Consulting

ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System – (ISMS)

The adoption of an Information Security management System is a strategic decision for an organization. Regulatory bodies are recommending organizations to implement ISO 27001 standards. The information security management system preserves the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information by applying a risk management process and gives confidence to interested parties that risks are adequately managed.

ISO 22301:2019 – Business Continuity Management System – (BCMS)

Business Continuity Management system prepares an organization to display resilience, assuring customers and stakeholders of a continuous operation, even if incidents occur. Receiving ISO 22301 certification demonstrates that an organization has a management plan developed with the right people in place, and determined readiness to respond to a business threatening incident. It is also a way to display to those who rely on your organization that your business continuity plan is up to international standard.

ISO 20000:2018 – IT Service Management System (ITSMS)

ISO/IEC 20000 is the international ITSM (IT service management) standard. It enables IT departments to ensure that their ITSM processes are aligned with both the needs of the business and international best practice. The ISO 20000 standard helps organizations benchmark how they deliver managed services, measure service levels and assess their performance. It is broadly aligned with, and draws strongly on, ITIL®.

We provide following services to organizations for above ISO and Standards.:

  • Complete Documentation as per Standards
  • Implement of the Processes
  • Conduct Internal Audits
  • Provide Certified Recourses for Gap-Analysis and Gap-Fulfillment before Surveillance Audits

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is an overarching science or discipline that encompasses the complete management of data. This is the current need of any growing business enterprise of analyzing data that is collected and collated through different applications or even manually.

We at BUSINESS CAUSEWAY provide services of Data Analytics based on crunching data to come with the following:

  1. Descriptive Analytics
  2. Diagnostic Analytics
  3. Predictive Analytics
    4. Prescriptive Analytics

By working the data through the complete business analytics cycle, the outcome shall equip the business enterprise management and decision-makers with the following:

  • Describe past results
  • Diagnose why past results occurred
  • Predict what might happen in the future
  • Recommend actions for the business enterprise next steps

Today, business enterprises across multiple industries have access to more forms of data than ever before, with new data information from multiple sources coming in all the time. Whether in business in the fields of human resources, marketing, supply chain, accounting and finance, part of a healthcare delivery team, or working in a warehouse or retail setting, increasingly business decision making shall be driven by data.

We at BUSINESS CAUSEWAY MIDDLEEAST are a telephone call away to provide you with the best Data Analytics services.

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