Beyond Learning & Experience Management

ICOG was inspired by the need for better workplace learning experience platforms.

Drive employee upskilling with ICOG’s innovative learning experience platform


Increase learner engagement five-fold with personalized learning recommendations powered by AI and machine learning.


Build an individualized competency index showing each learner's existing skills and competencies vs. their current job role requirements.


Provide learners with a skills roadmap identifying the competencies they will need to drive career mobility.

Transform your talent through AI-driven personalization and content curation, linked to upskilling and measurable performance.

Reshape learning with ICOG

Enable a hyper-personalized learning experience for your organization with ICOG. With the power of artificial intelligence and deep data science, ICOG takes learning to a whole new level.

ICOG - Beyond Learning and Experience Management

Welcome to ICOG! Transform your talent through AI-driven personalization and content curation, linked to upskilling and measurable performance. Drive employee upskilling with ICOG's innovative learning experience platform. Visit https://icog.ai for more information about us.

Your favorite learning
experience platform
is now available as SaaS

One platform to transform L&D for you

ICOG has something for everyone. Engage learners to upskill and reskill proactively. Prove L&D investments easily. Watch your organization grow.

Intelligent Content Curation

Personalized content recommendations

Social Learning

Measure competency index

Talent discovery and career paths

Performance measurement

Is your talent getting wasted in this great global reset?


Main Benefits of Choosing ICOG

1) Competency Driven Platform

ICOG deploys your customized competency framework, linking it with your learning experience platform to motivate learners and upskill your workforce.

2) Personalized Learning

ICOG delivers content and courses which are personalized to every learner based on their behaviors and learning needs.

3) Learning Index

A proprietary algorithm to measure a user’s learning journey comprehensively across three planes

4) ‘One’ Platform

As an end-to-end learning experience platform ICOG caters to all corporate learning scenarios – SELF-PACED learning, Virtual ILT, Digital Learning, CLASSROOM-BASED learning.

5) Intelligent Content Curation

ICOG Quantified

Companies now have a 360-degree view of their L&D efforts and ROI

Professionals use ICOG for accelerated & personalized learning

Training modules are now hosted on ICOG

Pieces of user-generated content consumed by proactive learners

Increase in learning engagement against traditional LMS with ICOG

Increase in organizational competencies

Think beyond learning management.
Think immersive learning experiences.

Adopt intelligent, data and analytics-driven, personalized learning that helps your people progress on their career path while becoming more resourceful for the organization.

Kickstart a learning transformation today

Deliver content your learners need, when they need it, how they need it, wherever they are!