The metaverse is an idea whose time has come, and tools to connect to it may become more accessible. The advent of 5G connectivity will help, besides impacting sectors such as automobiles and medicines. And the software that enabled working from home will have to evolve to cater to a hybrid work model.

The last few weeks of this year have suddenly made people rewrite the outlook for the coming year. Here is how we think the tech world will be in the third year of the pandemic.

Last year, the predictions were somewhat easy. We said technologies around working from home would get better. And they did, from more features in all the videoconferencing software most of us now call office, to better front-facing cameras in the new computers that make us all look good at work. Yes, there was better access to doctors via online platforms even as we stayed away from hospitals as far as possible. The gadgets did get better as more companies took the Apple route to get their own silicon in place. But no, 5G is still somewhere in the air as far as India is concerned.

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