Organized by The Product Folks and Inc42; The Product Summit is India’s first-ever virtual summit with a focus on High Growth Products for India and from India. With the world going through a digital transformation and Governments promoting/urging startups and companies to solve for India its time we break ground and bring together the top minds driving the current Product wave in India and share their wisdom and experiences with the product community.

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The Product Summit 2020

With the world going through a digital transformation and Governments urging startups and companies to solve for India, its time we break ground and bring together the top
minds driving the current Product wave in India and share their wisdom and experiences with the product community.


The Product Summit will excite anyone closely related to building products for the Indian market. Our Delegates would be a rich mix for Product Managers Designers / Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Technologists. This platform is also a great place if you want to start your journey in the Product Ecosystem and find the right folks to connect to.

1:1 Networking

We have a sophisticated networking feature allowing attendees to network with product professionals across India. Share your opinions and learn from your peers.

Interaction 101

Interact through a live chat with other attendees, experience fireside chats, panel discussions and
product breakdowns.

Packed Agenda

The Product Summit features product leaders presenting on a range of topics that will challenge and inspire Product Professionals who build, launch, and scale world-class products.

2 Days (& more)

Conveniently scheduled over two days, you can make the most of The Product Summit and stay for the full program or choose to pop in and out when it suits you. Afterward, you’ll receive exclusive access to Session recording on the purchase of a Full Access Delegate Pass.

Become a part of an exclusive Product community and get regular updates and insights on what happening in the world of Business Tech, Product, and Startups.


The opening keynote of the Summit will talk about what it takes to engineer hypergrowth in fast-moving and diverse markets like India. The first barrier to engineering
hypergrowth is a growth mindset over the typical & being busy building & attitude and how this mindset can be cultivated in teams while navigating the complex challenges every startup faces in the Indian market.

Learn about:
1. Why growth is not a division but a mindset
2. How to build a culture of experimentation, fast iterations, and growth?
3. The organizational frameworks and mental models for product teams to
10x growth
4. Growth hacks and rapid experimentation techniques for product managers


The success or failure of the product is dependent on how soon one can identify the right product-market fit. Finding product-market-fit is challenging enough. But how can you position your product beyond product-market-fit and scale growth?  Our speakers from the rich product, backgrounds would share some of the candid encounters that they witnessed during their journey and their steps to find and measure the product-market

Learn about:
1. Product-market fit a beyond
2. Guide to select the right metrics/parameters that helps in finding and measuring PMF
3. What’s the way forward after achieving the first PMF
4. Why don’t most products achieve PMF?


Is there a secret code to engineer high growth product teams? It’s easier to scale from 0-1 but if you want to scale from 1 to a billion, the only thing you scale is people. Want
to know what high-performing teams are getting right?  Understand the art of breaking down complex challenges into simple actions. In this session, we’ll talk about the
processes that drive results, happiness and call out the behavior that leads to mistrust and confusion. Decode the secret sauce with a panel of product leaders who have
played a crucial role in building and scaling some of the successful products without compromising on the product culture.

Learn about:
1. Where do most product leaders fail? 
2. Know what high-performing teams are getting right
3. How to bring radical changes to transform your product team culture?


In this fireside chat, we’ll have Karan- Founder of Whitehat Jr sharing his journey on how he built a startup in a market which was already saturated with multiple offerings
and products and how he scaled to do a $300Mn exit after selling the company to World’s biggest Edtech company Byju’s.

Learn about:


SMBs contribute to 30% of the overall GDP of India. With some of the sectors contributing to the digital revolution in the last 5-10 years, Tech Giants across the world have all eyes now on the Indian SMBs. Over the last few years, key players from fintech, eCommerce, retail among other
industries played a major role in the unprecedented growth of SMBs. This enabled many to rise sharply and scale rapidly. Some of the major product-led organizations like
Bharat, MyDukaan, and Deskera with the help of product-driven infrastructure have been influential in breaking the barriers and in equipping SMBs digitally to achieve the scale and success.

Learn about:
1. What sectors with SMBs will witness a digital revolution?
2. How are they preparing to increase the adoption of some of the
growing / emerging markets which are not mature yet?
3. Any recommendations for the future founders on types of markets to look
out for and how to pick the right opportunity.
4. What do India’s SMB’s need? Decoding the unknown
5. How to think When you are building for SMBs? Is it about Product First and
top of the line Customer Support?
6. Does India’s SMBs need Micro-Software?


Is building great products enough for most companies to thrive? India is a land of talent and opportunities. Whether you are making for India or from India a great product can
always impact billions of people. The great ones who release success after success tend to be product-led organizations. In this diverse panel, we explore the business models, opportunities, and challenges when it comes to building products for India’s next

Learn about:
1. Products disrupting the current landscape of business, startups, and technology
2. Current opportunities in the market for all stakeholders
3. Is India ready to target the next billion?


With the onset of liberalization in the early 90s, India’s IT companies catapulted themselves to the huge services opportunity in the developed world — the nascent sector went on to become one of the biggest contributors to the nation’s economy in the next couple of decades. In this
keynote address, Zoho founder and CEO Sridhar Vembu will speak on how India can transform itself into a product hub — the policies and reforms required to achieve the goal and what should be the role of ecosystem stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, engineers, and the government be.

Learn about:
1. India’s journey from an IT to a Product hub
2. What will it take for India to be a Product Nation
3. The policies, reforms required as India transforms into a Product Nation
4. The role of ecosystem stakeholders
5. Building world-class products from India



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